Start or Join A Group

The goal is to turn the daily happiness activities (gratitudes, acts of kindness & moments of silence) into a habit. Groups are shown to help with this by checking in with people who are tackling the same thing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few ways to get started:


Take 10 Minutes Out of A Weekly Staff Meeting or During A Lunch Break

At the start of the meeting, go around the room and have each person answer the same question. Ideally, they will all be signed up to Gorge Happiness Month but it can work either way. Here are a few questions:

What’s one thing you’re particularly grateful for this week?


What’s the last Act of Kindness you tried to do and how did it go? If you’re trying to add these to your day, what are some ideas people have tried?


When/where was the last time you took 5 minutes of silence? If you’re trying to add these to your day as part of Gorge Happiness Month, what are the different ways you’ve tried to do this?


How are things going with Gorge Happiness Month?  Is anything getting in the way of doing these things daily?


Has anyone done any of the calendar of activities? What did you do and how did it go?


[Perhaps a bit tougher but is both a gratitude and an act of kindness:] Tell the person to your right something you’re grateful for about them.


[Extra tough /pro level: simply start a timer and have the group sit in silence for 5 minutes]

You can ask a different question each week or just stick with the same one. Any one can feel free to pass but everyone should be given a chance to chime in. There are no wrong answers and the point is to simply listen vs suggest changes, give advice or poke fun.


Host a Longer Weekly Group

For a longer group (30 – 60 minutes) have each person answer the questions above, with everyone taking a turn answering the first question before going on to the next.

You can also choose an extra goal that you all agree to tackle. For example eating less processed foods, creating a capsule closet (of just 36 items of clothes), spending less time on Facebook, or starting a work-out routine.

If you find some people are talking a lot more than others, you can try setting a timer so everyone has approximately the same amount of time to chime in. You can also rotate who is leader so you always have someone looking out for the timing. Again, there are no wrong answers and the point is to simply listen vs suggest changes, give advice or poke fun.

Start a Public Group

If you want to start a new group, simply pick a time and place and invite people to join you.

Contact us and can help you find venues and let people know about it.