How to Support

We have three levels of support: 

Become A Major Sponsor

Major sponsors are the heart of the project, helping us bring connection and health to the wider Gorge. 

A huge thank you to our Sponsors for help making it all happen this year!

Become A Donor

Donors are the lifeblood. Choose from a menu of items from $10 to $200 that can help us with printing, banners and spreading the word at events.  

Organizations or businesses who donate more than $100 or volunteer more than 4 hours add their logo added to the poster.

$10 donation will help us print 1000 calendars to give away

$40 donation will help us print and distribute posters to one of the 13 towns in the Gorge

$100 donation will bring the Happiness Month Booth to a Gorge farmers market or event; to print a banner to hang throughout the Gorge; or to help us spread the word to local councils and organizations

$200 will help print and hang a Large Public Banner

Donate an hour to talk to a local organization about Happiness Month

Donate 2 hours to help hang posters in a Gorge town

Donate 4 hours to help run a booth at a farmers market

These amazing businesses and organizations made happiness possible this year.

Become A Partner

There are several ways for organizations and businesses to participate without donating money:

Encourage Your Staff or Members to Participate

This could be as simple as asking folks to sign up to the weekly happiness emails. Or can include putting up a poster in the break room, adding a note in your newsletter, or reading out a stat or quote at the start of a staff meeting.  Did we mention that happier people are more productive?

Host a Happiness Group

This can be as easy as adding 10 minutes to a weekly staff meeting. Or set up a new time for people meet once a week with other people who have decided to tackle the 3 daily habits during the month. We have simple instructions to help you set this up and keep things going.

Run an Event in October

Offer something that helps make people happy and we can add it to the online calendar. Past examples include: a cooking classes, workshops, uke lessons, making a gratitude jar or journal, hikes, yoga, thank you card writing, a dice game, beer tasting, board games, etc. Events just need to be free and open to the public.

Random Give-Aways to Your Customers

Surprise your customers with a free cup of coffee or small gift and simply mention it’s for Gorge Happiness Month.

Sponsor a Cynic

Know someone who is a bit of a curmudgeon or a grump. Inspire them to do the habits for the month by donating a prize to give them at the end or along the way. This can be anything from weekly coffee drinks to a donation to a worthy charity in their name. 

Simply Help Spread the Word

The more people we sign up, the merrier – literally. Send an email to your staff or customers. Sign up to our Facebook page and re-post happiness month posts. Create your own happiness posts for us to share. Add a sign or poster to store, etc.

All partners are listed on website. Send us your logo and a picture or description of what you are doing (or post it directly to our Facebook group). All events & groups will be promoted in the weekly newsletters and on the Facebook group.

Contact Emily at or at 503-360-3532